Hoots mon – Its young James Mackenzie (again)

Aye well this is turning into a bit of a James Mackenzie fan club kinda site going by the last few posts but I shall move onto other local acts and other such stuff over the next few weeks.  It just so happens that I attended James solo acoustic spot in Inverness Hootanannys last night – would’ve been rude not to as I also did the poster for it.

Accompanied by Aquascene bassist, Caroline Truslove on acoustic, mandolin and keyboard – shes a talented wee thing you know – James gave a sterling performance.  I thought it pretty cool when James mentioned this years festival gigs but told the audience that this was the most nervous he’d been in a long time.  Maybe cos his proud parents were there – I saw Mrs M singing along with every song 🙂 .  His vocals were on the money last night and he played all the ‘hits’ as well as new single ‘Pass Me the Bottle‘ and a brilliant cover of the Bee Gees ‘To Love Somebody’.  Yes I know I argued about it and almost convinced my colleagues that it wasnt the Bee Gees but apparently it was !  A nice wee appreciative crowd was in attendance.  A few turned up later from the Weezer erm Wheatus gig at the Ironworks.  All in all a happy bunch and everyone seemed to enjoy the gig.  Support came from Graham Brown – missed him due to paternal duties but he forgave me.

So, anyhoo – here are some photos from last night.  All the other local snappers must’ve been busy taking photos of American bands  – heres the local lad…….

Images copyright © Al Donnelly

Copying, displaying, manipulating or redistribution of these images without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited

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