Bills Sings But Walt Disney

Having previously mentioned Sara in the Musical Ladies post a few weeks ago I thought I’d better give the Hasbeens a shot of getting their pretty faces on this here blogeroo. So heres the obligatory unimaginative piece of writing to accompany some photography by yours truly 🙂

Sara – Dickie – Simon

Guest Trianglist – I didnt hit it on time once – The Strongbow effect

Sara and Colin Cummings had previously played together in the mighty Lowtide Revelry with some little millers and eljaypeers. With them playing guitars and singing theyre complimented by the rhythm section of ex-Galipaygos Simon Wort & Dickie Bills. Dickie is something of an Inverness drumming legend having played in the likes of Hot Rats and the Mystic Shoes. Hes like a musical version of The Stig (adopt Clarkson smugness and bad jeans) – nobody knows what he is but its rumoured that one of his legs is bionic and his ancestors were pirates who sailed the Spanish Main – neither of these facts are confirmed at time of writing. Yes theres a similarity between Dickie and Saras surnames – that’ll be father and daughter then.

2011’s been a pretty good year for Sara and those cheeky chappies apart from the loss of a couple of Bella tickets, Sara – 0 Bin – 2. They made it in the end and played a cracking set on Rob Ellens Potting Shed Stage as well as a little busking on a boat – see pics. They followed this up with another solid set at Jocktoberfest up at Black Isle Brewery.  Their ‘Spill the beans EP’ was also released with songs by Sara and cover art by Dickie, myself and Mr S Artois putting it all together one Sunday afternoon in Houdi Towers in the dark heart of Inverness. (Just over from Aldi and round from The Thistle – not actually that dark a heart to be honest). So all that on top of plenty of local gigs in the likes of the Market Bar, Hoots,  Keppoch and Ceol-Mor as well as sojourns up the West Coast to Lochinver for mad nights playing with Ullapools Naked Strangers mean if you live around here theres no reason for not having seen the band – if not WHY NOT?   EP’s are available by giving them a shout thru Facebook or nip in past the Market – theyre on sale upstairs

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EP Launch

Hung Gallery Inverness

Tactics are discussed at Jocktoberfest…..or was it tictacs

Jocktoberfest September 2011

Reggae-tinged at times with Winehouse covers, Clash reworkings – its  punk-pop-folk-dub-rock n roll jazz maaaaaan.  Whether it be solo acoustic or full electricimified bandage youre always guaranteed a shiver down your spine when Sara sings…..

Sara on flickr 


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