El Jay Pee – them got the funk them have

The Leonard Jones Potential (also referred to as the L-J potential6-12 potential, or 12-6 potential) is a mathematically simple model that approximates the interaction between a pair of neutral atoms or molecules.  Thank fuck then its also one of the best and most original bands to emerge from the Heeland Capital in a long time cos that whole mathematical shit is just plain boring to non-mathematicians such as myself !

I first came across LJP when I went to see them at one of Donald McColls New Soul City club-nights at Ironworks Inverness. It was basically a a bunch of us going to support another good friends band – Andrew Morgan. This turned out to be The Leonard Jones Potential and young Mr Morgan happened to be the ‘head tromboner‘  for the Bad Ass Brass – the seriously brassy and bad-assed horn section for aforementiond LJP’ers. Id like to say my life changed that night, so I will – My Life Changed That Night. It got funkier ! Much funkier!!  Hey don’t get me wrong – I had the funk before, I just had MORE of it after that – dig ?

The Bad Ass Brass

Since forming in 2006 the band have played the length and breadth of the known universe and beyond. Ok Ill reign it in a bit – they have however played the likes of Tartan Heart, Rockness, Kendal Calling among other festivals, Inverness Ironworks, Hoots, Strathpeffer Pavillion and many other local venues up here in the Highlands as well as featuring on none other than Red Corrie star Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show for BBC 6Music – Arooooga indeed Mr Charles.  Incidentally theyll be ripping the roof of he Ironworks with Craig when he returns in December.  ICA, Highland News etc will have all the details nearer the time Im sure.

Ive snapped this lot a fair few times now on the live circuit and even ended up doing singer Michelle Newells wedding photography on her big day. This also featured an LJP set and a one off Lowtide Revelry gig so it wasnt difficult to say yes to that gig !

The Bride sang at her own wedding…….twice

Current line up is – on vocals, Michelle Newell, drummer Michael Sharkey, Anthony Standing on guitar and uberfunkythrashmetal fan Andrew Gajda on bass.  ‘Captain’ Keys, Ruairidh McKay is on hammond organ and other such keyboardy things as well as vocal duties.  Last but certainly not least in any way, shape or form are the Bad Ass Brass  made up of trumpeter Doug Hutchison, trombonerista Andy Morgan and the man with the accent, Barry Overstreet on saxophone but in the past the line up has featured among others Andys wife Laura on Sax and erstwhile Galipaygo, Jamie ‘the lips’ Macgregor on trumpet.

Barry, Jamie Macgregor and the Morgatron

Barry & Doug

I ran away from Deacon Blue to see these guys……

Rockness 2011

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