Too Wet to Woo Chasing Owls

Bloody hell – thats the worst post title yet !  Thats gonna take some beating……..I apologise, Owly folks,  for the diabolical punnage…..

Chasing Owls – cheeky wee folky foursome from down Embra way making lovely music and being admired by the great and the good of the Scottish music industry (and beyond).  Ally ‘detourscotlandradiooneintroducing’ McCrae calls their music world class indie-folk and says the vocals are intoxicating.  Then there’s renowned, online folk music mag For Folks Sake who reckon they make pretty perfect folk-pop.  I find it awfully difficult to disagree especially with a magazine with such a brilliant title and young Mr McCrae knows his onions too !!  They do make wonderful folky indie pop but, thankfully for me, dont head too far down that godawful Mumfords road.

Over the last year Ive seen them up this neck of the woods on three occasions – Ceol-Mor last October then Belladrum and Jocktoberfest this year – and, you wont believe this when I tell you…….I took photographs of them which, if you look closely, are on display in and around this post.  Unbelievably at time of writing this they remain unsigned – a TRAVESTY I tells ya !! Dauphin Magazine has this to say on the subject – “The fact that they’re unsigned is a weird anomaly; it’s rare you find this level of quality in both lyrics and melody”.  Good point, well made !  Hopefully not for much longer though !

More good points being made well and some other stuff feature in the video below.  Dont be put off by Jamies wellingtons – Im reliably informed he wore them for a bet and no actual sartorial reasoning was behind the decision.

Naomi Black, Ben Sunderland, Callum Bateman and James Moir are Chasing Owls – no, not literally, thats the name of their band.  Go and find out more about them, where you can see them and where you can buy their music from.  Theres an EP available on the site (there may be a wee freebie there too).

Did I mention theyre not only brilliant but ‘affa fine fowk ana’ as we say over Banff-way.  I didnt ?  Oh well, they are  🙂

Chasing Owls on flickr     Chasing Owls on myspace     Chasing Owls on Facebook

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