The Side bow out at The Ironworks – Part One

Friday 30th September saw the final, triumphant gig by Highlanders, The Side.

The lads took over The Ironworks in Inverness – well, almost – for their last ever gig together.  I say almost – they were bumped from the upstairs dressing room area as they hadnt booked that so, undeterred, they decamped to the Sidemobile out the back door (with the beer of course).  To be fair to The Ironworks they did lay on the sumptuous blackness that is the balcony area where the lads managed to find a dark corner to change in.  Theyre a happy bunch and nothing was going to spoil their final farewell – not even the health and safety barriers front of house or the £1.50 booking fee added to the £3 entrance fee.  Said barriers meant that only the front row or maybe two could see George Campbell if he sat down all night – thankfully Mr Campbell is not one for lazing around behind the keyboard – but thats Health and Safety for you – its everywhere so it is 😦 .

I gave up the whole business of being sardined at the front of gigs many many years ago so was happy enough to shoot from the sidelines come the gig itself – see part two.  The guys wanted me to have full access to the soundcheck which solved a shitload of hassle from my point of view ‘cos it was jam packed and bouncing in there at night !!  Ex-members Jimmy Muir guested on drums – nae bad for a bassist –  and James Richards came on for a couple of songs on bass guitar.  Matthew Rattigan gave George a break for a song too – nice to see the past players getting the opportunity to say bye.

All in all it was a brilliant set packed with all the hits and favourites including the global number one* ‘Going Nowhere’ (* in a perfect world).  Nice to see the likes of Alex and Micheal from newfoundsound, Margaret Chrystall and Jamie Netsounds making an appearance to say tata to the Highland phenomenon that is The Side.  The pubs must’ve been quiet in Alness cos their punters were all in Inverness to say cheerio too.

Anyhoo – enough of my shite – enjoy the photos.  The ones featured in this post are from the soundcheck and the blether out the back – part two will be the gig shots when I get through them…….if you want to read more about the actual gig then head over to local writer, Simon Varwells blog where he has a damned fine review of the evening – cheers Simon !!

As always theres a flickr set featuring the band over the last couple of years – feel free to have a look……HAVE A LOOK !!  🙂

Cheers to John, Winnie, Ryan and George for asking me to do the job for them – twas an honour and a pleasure – affa fine loons each and everyone of them – best of luck for the future.  Huge thanks to Matt Cardle and his people (fuck knows what for but what the hell – its the done thing apparently 🙂  )

Images are all copyright me – the houdi, nikonhoudi, houdi, Al Donnelly etc etc – whatever you call me Ive been called worse 🙂  – dont nick the pics, ask !  Cheers !!


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