The Talented Musical Ladies of Inverness

I’ve only really just started to get into this whole blogging thing and it is going to be, predominantly, a vehicle for displaying my photography – I’m not big on the whole writing thing – I leave that to the serious chaps such as Peenko, Radar Scotsman, The Daily Dose and the like so some (for some read, a lot) of the posts will be chronologically all over the place as I think of past events, shoots and photos Id like to feature.  Guess what – here’s a chronologically all over the place post featuring a shoot I did back in July 2011.

During the very successful Ironworks Summer Showcase gigs there was a brilliant night featuring the cream of Inverness’ female musical talent.  I was asked as a favour to a friend, Mr Ben Hesling – a talented young man, likes absinthe 🙂 – to take some photos of the ladies for inclusion in local press etc.  It was an honour and an absolute pleasure.  Here are a selection from the shoot, some of the music involved and a few pics from the actual Showcase gig.  Huge thanks to Joni and Kevin at HUNG Gallery, Inverness for allowing me to take over the place for a couple of hours.  Hope you like them !

L to R – Ashley Mackay, Emily Mackinnon, Megan Blyth and Sara Bills

Sara Bills & the Hasbeens – The Morning After the Night Before

Megan Blyth – Fading Away (MFR session track Bella 2011)

Megan Blyth on Soundcloud  

Sara Bills & the Hasbeens on Facebook  

Ashley & the Cosmonauts

Here are the Ironworks Summer Showcase shots…………

Here comes the boring stuff – please dont use any of the images displayed here as theyre mine and I put a lot of work into all my stuff !!  Just send me an email and we can talk about how many pints you want to buy me for the use of an image – its that simple.  Almost !!


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