We Are All Outsiders

Someone for Everyone by Iain Mclaughlin on Soundcloud

Iain McLaughlin has established himself as an important part of the burgeoning Inverness music scene with his backing band The Outsiders.  He’s no mean act on a solo basis either – although solos not strictly true as he’s been joined by a Macbook for the last year or so when playing his acoustic shows.  The mix of technology, acoustic guitar and Iains distinctively dark vocals is something to behold – quite breathtaking and completely blew me away on first hearing the ‘new sound’ last New Year at Ceol-Mor.   Until then I hadnt really experienced Iain with the Outsiders – Ive made up for it over the course of this year and have found them just as impressive and breathtaking as Iain on his lonesome.  The current and strongest lineup Ive seen so far in my opinion and the past years seen a few changes to say the least.

At present Iain, along with  Paul Elliot, Dave Ramsay and Russell Montgomery collectively known as The Outsiders  – unless theyre inside when they become the…..I digress unneccessarily – sorry – anyway, theyre all up and down the road to Gargleblast Studio in Hamilton putting together the long awaited debut album.  Me and the team here at Houdi Towers are looking forward to hearing that.  Ok so its just me – Im not much of a toy-sharer 😦

2011 has been busy busy busy – as well as recording theyve nailed Wizard, Tartan Heart, Rockness and GoNorth festival as well as King Tuts and, oh, literally millions of other gigs across the cosmos.  Iain even managed to fit in a gig at Tescos – aye seriously.  Liddle bit of charidee work and not forgetting a simply stunning set at Ironworks Summer Showcase earlier this year – yes apparently the Ironworks had a Summer – who knew ?

In aid of Alzheimers Scotland

Dave, Iain, Russell


We Are All Outsiders……….. the hub of all Outsider activity – this will take you to everywhere you need to be to gain full oneness with the Iain-ness……

Iain on Flickr

I shall finish by saying that they are all very nice young lads including their management who practically always buy me a pint when they see me (hopefully)

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As always a big thanks to Matt Cardle and his team for having nothing to do with this website – cheers 🙂


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