James McGonagal & the Aquadome: A Day in the Life – the sequel (Day 2 ?)


Ive split it – obviously – twas getting out of hand :).  Theyre not all brilliant or technically stunning but they are the biggest record of this bands ‘life’ that anyone has I suppose.  Kinda chuffed with that – I have asked James about seats at the Brits and Grammys – heres hoping.  Difficult to whittle down from the few hundred I have in the collection – I think Ive picked some good ones.  Here comes part two then.  I doubt if there will be a post this long on this site ever again……….on with the show !!

Faultline Single launch

Faultline Single launch – Ironworks

Onstage at the Ironworks

Faultline at the Ironworks Nov 2010

Ceol-Mor Hogmanay Extravaganza

Caroline, James and Callum

AND SO TO 2011 – THE YEAR OF THE MACKENZIE (hopefully).  Belladrum, Rockness Main Stage, Laaaaandon Baby (no photos from the London shows though – Jim doesn’t do expenses) and further………

Another favourite – taken at my ‘studio’ (living room)

Tour warm-up at the Market Bar

Egg rolling Mackenzie-style

Easter Sunday

Caroline in Ironworks Room 2

YMI Touring Project March 2011

No Comment

Rockness Main Stage, June 2011

RD and the infamous Main Stage Pout

Main Stage Rockness

Strings at Bella

Pixies at Bella


James Mackenzie & the Aquascene

Grassroots Stage, Tartan Heart 2011

Images copyright © Al Donnelly / houdi

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