James McGonagal & the Aquadome: A Day in the Life


Ignore the confusing title.  Just over a year and a half in the life of a band is a long time.  Its a long time for a guy with a camera too.  This post looks at exactly that – January 2010 thru to August 2011. Charting the rise to ‘fame’ of James Mackenzie and the ever changing thing that is the Aquascene using the photos Ive taken over that time taking in various lineup changes, events and festivals.  It also charts the history of James’ beard/facial hair shennanigans – not always pretty but always entertaining.  Not much else to say on this one, hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy  🙂


Market Bar January 2010

Market Bar January 2010

The Beard Begins – Ceol-Mor, February 2010

Ceol-Mor, February 2010

Madhatters, May 2010

Photoshoot at Cams Wooden Hoose

Nairnside Photoshoot – June 2010 – my favourite shot of the band

Rockness 2010

In competition with the mighty Blondie at Rockness – nae bother !!

GoNorth at Rockness

GoNorth at the Ironworks 2010

Erin, James & Cam

James at Phrase and Fable EP launch

Phrase and Fable EP launch

Phrase and Fable EP launch

Going down a storm in Ceol-Mor

Market Bar, Aug 2010

James in acoustic mode

Erin protests on behalf of Aquasceners

Tartan Heart 2010

GoNorth Seedlings, Bella 2010

Unused Logo Idea

Images copyright © Al Donnelly / houdi

Copying, displaying, manipulating or redistribution of any images without permission from me is strictly prohibited

Contact: houdi68@gmail.com



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