8 out of 10 Cats Would Prefer Them……..

……..if they were called The Whiskas River Band but they’re not so jog on kitty cos this is The Whisky River Band and “like an unexpected shot of the good stuff, these guys warm you up and you’re still feeling the burn long after the shot glass is banged back down on the bar…..” – so sayeth the website www.thewhiskyriverband.co.uk (wish Id written it but I didn’t ).  Aint no catfood on the market gonna leave you feeling that good – I’ve tried a few so I know what I’m talking about.

Kris, Iain, Fraser busy as ever

Kris Douglas, Ceol-Mor Dec 31st 2010

After some line-up and instrument swaps which saw infamous Matt Cardle look-a-like  and serial self-injurer, Fraser McLean making the shift from bass to his beloved geetar after Chris Munros departure the band have settled on their current line-up and they are tight as a drum.  Matt, sorry, Fraser is joined by Kris Douglas on vocals/guitar, Chris Ronaldson on the bass thang, jazz monster Andy Davidson on the drummy percussion bits at the back and Iain Duncan fiddling away there over at the side.  They are a formidable force as a live act and they are all actually nice chaps in real life away from the rock n roll circus that is The Whisky River Band.  (Sorry I tend to embellish somewhat – for ’embellish’ read ‘bullshit’)

EP “Open Your Eyes” which was released in March 2011 and contains the favourites Open Your Eyes, Don’t Think, Take You There and No Regrets. Every one a winner and all went down a storm at the likes of Tartan Heart at Belladrum and B-Fest up in Wick earlier this ‘summer’.  The young gents have had cracking gigs in Ceol-Mor (R.I.P) and Hootananny to name but, erm, two.  They even made a trip to my hometown of Banff and shook up the Aul Fife thanks to young Terry O Connell who organised that.  Banff hasn’t been the same since !

Anyhoo that’s enough from me – I’ve managed to get some info in and some smart arsed comments so I’m a happy bunny.  If you get the chance to check these guys out live do it – you wont be disappointed.

Perfect opportunity at Hootananny on 30th October where they will be taking the stage on the same bill as The Leonard Jones Potential and a talented young man from Wick by the name of Jam Reid.  He’s a good lad is Jamie – had a craic with him at Jocktoberfest where he opened the weekend to 3 of us and a dog but kept smiling nonetheless.  Singer/songwriter with real potential

Enjoy the photies – ignore the words if you like – do what ya gotta do, I do 🙂

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Oooooft – almost forgot the Ironworks Summer Showcase shows which showed stuff in a show-style.  A showy affair – here’s some snaps from that then……..


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