Bronto Skylift: nice guys but f**king noisy…..

I’m standing around at the Tartan Heart Festival, down Belladrum way.  I’m waiting to see Bronto Skylift play the opening set on the Hothouse Stage.  They are about to soundcheck. They are fucking loud and scary.  There are only two of them.  2 and a half minutes of complete noise terror later and a wee shout from the nearby campsite says it all “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!”.  I recounted this small happening to drummer, Iain Stewart (also of The Phantom Band) later in the day and he was well chuffed with the unhappy campers response.  I thought it was a perfect start to the day too! 🙂  Bronto Skylift is not, and never will be, everyones cup of absinthe!!


Thing with Bronto, for me, is the fact that drums do it for me. This is White Stripes on LSD with a side of Crystal Meth.  I walked into the Market Bar in Inverness mid-set a couple of years ago. An Oban friend had recommended I see them and I wasn’t disappointed (thank you Mandy Anfield). If you’ve ever walked into the Market mid-anyones-set you’ll know how intense that can be.  Scroll down, watch the Rockhopper video and imagine halfway through a set like that in the smallest venue youve ever been shitfaced in !!

Iain is a joy to watch from a drummer’s point of view because its only drums and guitar the kit comes to the front and sits side-on giving me the best view I’ve had of a drummer since being above Neil Peart in Montreal in 1991 (another story for another time) hence the fact that most of my shots from the day are of Iain.  Sorry Niall 😦

Named after the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms – seriously – Bronto came from the Detour Scotland camp and are made up of Iain Stewart and Niall Strachan (seen below with MFR’s Marion Scott).  Have a listen and have a look!

Nice blokes but fucking noisy 🙂

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