Anna Calvi at Belladrum 2011

Having only heard the single Desire at the time I wasn’t quite aquainted with Ms Calvi as much as I’d wanted to be – her music that is 🙂 – but I knew by the hype surrounding her that her Tartan Heart set would be something special.  I wasn’t wrong !!

Anna Calvi takes the stage and there is immediately a frenzy of snappers in front of her in the pit.  Im sure however many of us in there all have exactly the same shots as each other – Ive seen them elsewhere –  but she just looked and sounded amazing.  Buy the album (or procure it in some way) as it is fantastic !  Superb vocalist and tremendous guitarist.

I’ll Be Your Man

First time Ive ever seen a harmonium played live on stage and took me a minute or two to work out what the hell it was.  Lo and behold, a month later and Im taking photos of Chasing Owls, Naomi Black playing one at Jocktoberfest !  Harmoniums are the way forward it seems !  More on Jocktoberfest later……….

Guess What ??  Yup thats right, you know it…….I took all of these photos so if you want to use them gimme a shout – dont go stealing them cos Ill track you down and shout stuff at you (then sue 🙂  ).  All images © Al Donnelly.  

More shots of Anna from Tartan Heart 2011 on flickr stream – some of my favourites from the whole weekend.  Something about the lighting in that tent just makes for great photos.  It was the same in 2010


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