Tarzan, Screwdrivers, Crack like ?

Screw you Beiber – theres a new pop sensation hitting the webwaves, stages and screens of this fair planet !!  Yes indeed – thestevekelly has finally arrived – ok it was August and he’s gone home now.  Actually this may end up being something of an anti-climax but lets just go with it anyway !!

One time Market Bar regular who shall remain anonymous – he is known only by the pseudonym thestevekelly – returned to his spiritual (and actual) home of Inverness to perform his smash (smashed ?) hit single Invereschneckie (its the fuckeeen business);  a bastardisation of Stetsonheads ‘America’ and the masked (ok hatted) marauders own lyrics with references to various areas, pubs and activities in and around the mythical city of Inverschneckie (alright its Inverness, Im just trying to create an air of mysticism).

So basically Steve returned to the fold for a week or two from sunny, bacony Denmark and took to the stage at the Tartan Heart Festival down Belladrum way with the mighty mighty Stetsonhead and, in all honesty, created one of the biggest buzzes of the weekend.  Better than that though – it lived up to the hype and was wonderfully special and utterly brilliant.  If you listen to the track below, squint your eyes and wobble your head slightly while looking at the photos itll be just like you were there……..no…..really !!  Cheers to Keith Jones of the Wynntown Marshals who happened to be stage manager on the day and let me back into the pit long after the 15 minute rule had passed to snap this Earth Shattering Event !!

( Image copyright © Al Donnelly / houdi )

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images without permission from me is strictly prohibited



Heres some early thestevekelly where he features in and on this video and track by Music for Modern Man……diggit !!


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