Lower Case with Capitals

No I have no idea what my title is supposed to mean, infer or refer too either – just humour me……..todays little post is all about capitals…….

Capitals is the name of a project between Edinburgh-based musicians Keir MacCulloch and Angus Carbarns. Both loosely from the Inverness area (see not completely getting away from the local link yet…),  Angus has played with The Cinematics and the sorely missed Theatre Fall whereas Keir was releasing stuff as a solo artist, Araya.  Both guys moved to Edinburgh around the same time, started jamming and the rest, as the cliche says, is history.  They work a mix of live electronics, vocals and guitars.  The full line up seen in the festival shots here are Angus on vocals/guitar, Keir on electronics/MIDI nightmares and they are augmented for live shows by Kyle Mackenzie on more  electronics/MIDI and Rob Howell on extra guitar/vocals.

I was lucky enough to catch the bands shows at Rockness and Tartan Heart festivals this year (2011).  The unfortunate venue at Rockness from a photographers point of view was inside a bloody awful orange tent situated on the arse of the Jaegermeister bar.  It very much smacked of last-minute-thrown-together by organisers but I could be wrong – merely my opinion – other opinions are available :).  Belladrums setup, although not brilliant, is infinitely better.  There, the Seedlings Tent is a big white tent as always which from a snappers p.o.v. is not ideal until much later in the day – just not great for a backdrop.  (Stop wingeing you moany photographer-type – it works for the bands).  That all said I do like Capitals – Im right into the whole electronics/guitars/rock/dance hybrid thing thats kicking around right now (see also Homework).  Anyhoo – here are some photos what I have tooken at the Fests I took photos at – Tartan Heart and Rockness – enjoy !

Tartan Heart Festival 2011

Rockness 2011

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