The Sunshine Delay

Just a couple of shots from The Sunshine Delays recent appearance up here in the Highlands.  Shame about the lack of publicity for the gig as they played a lovely wee set which was witnessed by about 6 people – bloody disgrace.  It also turned out to be the final appearance of anyone at the Ceol-Mor as we know it.  Next day it returned to being Finlays Bar (but that’s a whole other kettle of fish and I can’t actually be bothered getting into).  Heres hoping Paula and the chaps get themselves back up here in the near future !!

A selection of photos from the night are up on The Sunshine Delays. Head on over and check the band out !!

The band very kindly sent me a copy of their new album but not being a reviewer I shall say only this.  Its brilliant !!

Keep it Together by The Sunshine Delay is available on iTunes and cdbaby.  There are a few clips of their tunes on their website if you wanna try before you buy 🙂


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