Brothel-creepers are not the only (Mystic) Shoes……….

Of all the bands I’ve photographed over the last 3 years or so there are two which take up serious space on my hard drives.  One is James Mackenzie & the Aquascene.  The other is the Norths Number One Party Band; if Jarlsberg did bands instead of cheese, this is not just any party band – this is a Marked and Soiled party band, St Fucksake – they are of course the Mystic Shoes !! (An Aquascene post will follow very shortly….promise….)

If you don’t know who they are Im not going to tell you cos its Saturday and Im being particularly lazy on the writing front !  Suffice to say they are the Spinal Tap of the Inverness area when it comes to drummers – Dickie Bills being the constant sticksman but many others have sat in that stool (ewww) including none other than yours truly on 3 or 4 occassions.  Other than that their stand-in drummers have included Dougie ‘Ironworks’ Brown, Craig ‘Little Mill’ Aitkenhead and Derek ‘Lushroller’ Urquhart – all accompanied of course by Fergus Weir, Ewan Dale and Robin Abbot !!  One of the best wedding presents we had was the guys insisting that they were the band for our dance at Strathpeffer – no arguments there !!  Cheers chaps !!

First time I shot the band properly was when they supported Stiff Little Fingers down the Ironworks.  That shoot gleaned my all time favourite photo of them and Fergus agrees.  This is the shot that made it to the album cover – which incidentally was created and named by me. (full title Blood, Sweat and Beers: The Difficult 3rd Album – its their second – cryptic eh?)   They were being lazy on the writing front that day :).  Theyve been kicking around for somewhere in the region of 10 years or so now and it shows in their faces – only joking lads (or am I)

Head on over to their website to see whats what – up until yesterday they were the last band left on myspace – really 🙂 – just goes to show that all that fancy techno schmeckno (?) stuff is unneccesary when your this good at filling pubs and dancefloors.  (Finally dragged themselves into 2011 and the new site looks great – hmmmm nice photos too). They regularly pack out the most popular bars in the Highland capital, play every year down at Belladrum to entertain the artists back stage and are being hired for all sorts of events as far away as Perth and waaay down the West Coast for functions in Arisaig for instance. They wont be bothering the Foos or Coldplay anytime soon on the global stardom stakes but they will certainly bother yer feet if youre in the mood for dancing (no doubt an upcoming cover now that Ive mentioned it).

Enjoy the photos – theyre mine – dont use them without asking. Thanks. Take note igs 🙂 – flickr set here with more images

The fateful, never-now-mentioned, Fairways gig of 2004

The (quite rightly) forgotten Mystic

The Donnelly Wedding – Mystics and my ‘sisters’ !!

D-Rock Urquhart has lost his cymbals

Black Isle Brewerys Jocktoberfest 2011


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