Rockness 2011 – View from behind the Lens

What an overly grandiose title for a blog entry.  hehehehe………guess what – its just photos !!

Rockness this year, I have to admit, left me a little cold and Im not talking weather here.  Maybe its my age, maybe its the amount of DJ’s, maybe its the change of size and positions of tents and ‘arenas’………old people dont like change  🙂

Dont get me wrong I love a good DJ and a bit of a bop around a tent but they’re not exactly the most exciting prospect for a photographer in the press pit.  On stage works much better but my only chance of that was blown due to issues with my flash unit.  Local chaps, Audiolife organised the oppurtunity for me to do crowd shots from their set up but I ran out of battery.  It had been a long weekend  😦

Sunday was the highlight for me as all the locals had their chance to shine on The Sound City Stage.  Unable to find it on Friday I discovered it was the back end of the Jaegermeister bar – this of course brought a grin to some of the local musicians.  Handy !  A tiny stage inside an orange tent about 100 yards from the Golden Voice Arena stage – the second main stage for this year – so there were sound issues from time to time depending on the breeze factor.  But having said all that everyone I saw play in there knuckled down and gave it their all.  The Leonard Jones Potential opened the Sunday with a soundcheck of Bump before deciding to just go for it early !!  Suns oot, funks UP !!  Wonderful. The Boosts, Iain Mclaughlin and the Outsiders and Ullapools Naked Strangers all went down a storm with a healthy crowd to boot.

As far as other treats for me this weekend there werent many expected ones. James Mackenzie did a sterling effort with the Aquascene on the main stage on Sunday – at least one local act made it on there this weekend.  Chemical Brothers finished off Saturday in their usual style – excellent.  Groove Armada were utter pish –  what the fuck is it with everyone now doing ‘DJ Sets‘.  Im seeing it a lot at Ironworks and elsewhere too – acts name in large writing with the add-on ‘dj set’ in somewhat smaller writing underneath.  I dont want to see you playing other peoples or even your own records – get the band in and play the hits !!  Purely my own opinion and other blogs are available 🙂

Kasabian and Paolo Nutini were the other headliners and both had their audiences in the palms of their hands. Yadda yadda etc etc

Now Im bored with typing and have a cold so without further ado I shall bang in some more photos – head on over to the flickr set to see some more.

As always all images are © Al Donnelly so dont nick em. If y’all do then Ill be forced to sue using my highly trained legal team 🙂


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