Davy, Davy Cowan………

…….King of the Wild Frontier? So Good They Named him Twice? Actually they named him Davy not Twice – Christ I annoy myself sometimes !!

My ‘relationship’ with Davy Cowan (no tongues, mind) began way back when I was a DJ at my local radio station, Deveron FM,  in sunny Banff, Aberdeenshire.  After making contact with Davy through myspace – remember myspace? Me either – I recieved my very own copy of Fragile People, Davys debut as a solo artist to which I happily gave airplay.  Fast forward to 2011 and I find my photos peppering all his websites and Ive created the artwork and produced the cover for his follow up ‘The Journey‘, son Shauns band Defcon Ones debut release, Life on TV and find his better half caring for my wife and newborn daughter as part of the team at the local hospital when Evie was born.  Oh and if you see a Davy Cowan poster theres a good chance I made it for him.  Yer never sure eh ?

Previous to all of this Davy had been the front man with Highland Celtic-Rock Band, Coinneach for around ten years or so.  (I dont know how to pronounce it either )  Over that decade they released three well recieved albums and played alongside Deacon Blue & Hue & Cry in 2004 to 40000 Hogmanay revellers in Aberdeen.  Now a well known solo artist he performs either on his tod, with backing band The Stormchasers or with fiddler Rachel Parker all of whom can be seen in these here photomagraphicals !  Davy & the Hosebeast is another side-project who I could have had photos of from Loopallu 2010 but couldnt suck my own thumb let alone press the shutter on a camera – such is life at a West Coast Festival !

It took me about 3 or 4 years to actually see Davy play live after my first listen to Fragile People and of course I had my trusty camera (or phone 0r sketch pad) handy.  These are just a few of the many, many photos of Davy I have in my collection (stalker) including Loopallu 2008 and this years album launch with The Stormchasers at Inverness Ironworks.

The Stormchasers are  Robin Abbott on bass & Derek Urquhart on drums,  from Inverness alt country combo Lushrollers,  Rachael Parker, ex-Coinneach fiddler,  Alan Leckie on organ and ex-Coinneach Steve Spence on keyboards.

Theres plenty more info and interesting history on Davys site – head over and have a look.  Davys one of the good guys – he does this whole music thing cos he loves it and thats the best reason of all !! Cheers !

Cheers !!




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