Homework on Church Street

Cheeky wee two song set – or was it three – from Homework this afternoon in a pre-Rockness appearance at the goNorth Fringe.  A guerilla gig with the chaps from Detour Scotland.  Sounded great and the weather held although they were unable to do the, hoped for, ‘Apple Building’ bit on Hoots roof !!  Good enough at the shady nook at the side of Hootanannys on Church Street, Inverness.  If youre feeling eagle-eyed keep a close watch on the above video where you can see a proper idiot with a camera and a baseball cap on back to front – Im 44 ferfucksake not 14 !!  Its a necessary evil to combat bed-hair (I was just up when got the heads-up from Mr Kass) and has to go back to front for shooting – honest 🙂

Families stopped and the traffic was slowed slightly  :).   One woman stopped me while I was snapping away – she looked in her 60’s and asked what was going on and what did the band hope to achieve from this.  I explained about GoNorth, Rockness etc and that nights gigs around town – she looked bemused but, and I was waiting for negativity, she said that she thought that Homework were brilliant……….and they were !!


All images are copyright Al Donnelly – that’s me, houdi – the Sunday name !!  Don’t do stuff that you shouldn’t with them – ta !  🙂


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