Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band

It’s nice to blog/write/post photos of acquaintances or people in bands you meet briefly.  Give them a bit of coverage – every little bit helps they say, even this unread, lost in cyberspace page of mine.  It’s even nicer to do something that features someone I can class as an actual mate.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr Gerry Jablonski.  I’ve known Ger for around 30 years on and off I suppose, spending strange evenings sitting with him in Kingswell Lane in Banff while he created weird and wonderful new solo ideas – remember World War 3, Gerry?  or when we broke in when you were in your nest and packed the PA in the hallway – Mr Mac physically assaulted me after that one while Stu was attempting to escape via his roof or playing the Scout Hut with Sheepy and there was immac involved……anyhoo I digress!

Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band!!  That’s Gerry’s ‘new’ project.  Proper electric blues that’ll rip the roof off any self respecting music venue and quite a few with no self respect I’m sure!

We had them up here in the Highlands a few times this last year and a half courtesy of the now defunct Ceol-Mor venue where they blew audiences away every time – I believe there was even a smashed guitar at the one gig I didn’t attend !  First time they played they killed me – literally.  Two nights of blues and partying and I ended up having a cardiac arrest on the Sunday – exciting stuff but I’d rather not repeat the experience!

Soooooo imagine my delight when visiting family in that London when I checked my F**eb**k and see Mr Jablonski ‘checking’ in at Camden Underworld – 20 minutes on a bus from where I sat!  It was too good an opportunity to miss (although ‘the nearly a fiver a pint’ situation almost finished it early – I’m fae Banff ye ken).  Bro-in-Law in tow we jump on a number whateveritwas bus and head to busy Camden Taaaaan.

Arrived just in time to say hello to a very sweaty Beefy coming off stage and straight to the bar – we missed The Lorelei set – bugger 😦 .  Wandered down to the dark and dingy main hall to see what’s what and found Gerry, Peter, Grigor and Dave mid-soundcheck.  I’m only sorry I didn’t get a shot of Gerry’s confused face when he heard a Banff-accent from behind him asking if they were any good.  It is a bugger of a place to shoot in – as I mentioned, dark and dingy with red lights – great for the blues but bloody awful for photography!  Anyhoo – best (ish) of a bad (ish) bunch here.  Twas a blistering set from the chaps – only managed a swift blether with Dave Innes at the end.  They were packing up to head up to Harrogate I think for the next date on the Fat Hippy tour and we had to catch a bus (did I mention the pints were nearly a fiver)

Usual reminder that all photos here are my creations so please don’t nick them or even borrow them without asking first – cheers


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