Easter with James Mackenzie & the Aquascene


Easter Sunday with James Mackenzie didnt entail rolling of eggs as I’d hoped but it did involve some good music and a few beers which is almost as nice :).  As always I was on hand to annoy the shit out of people with a camera

James & the Aquascene took over the Market Bar in Inverness for the afternoon.  He remarked it was nice to see such a crowd turn out of a Sunday afternoon not realising that a fair portion of the crowd was actually his 7 piece band.  The photo above does actually show a good sized crowd did turn out though and they were treated to an intimate wee acoustic set from the young gent and his accomplished gaggle of musicians !!


Ive done a fair bit of ‘work‘ with James over the last year and a bit and witnessed a few line-up changes.  This is the first to feature Ketimine Deco legend Ruairidh Duncan and celloist Martine Scott or at least the first time I’d seen them play with the band.  Anyway – heres a couple more photos.

aquamarket (1)

aquamarket (2)

aquamarket (3)

aquamarket (4)

aquamarket (5)

aquamarket (6)



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